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Hi, I’m Kellie Kisner, a native speaker of American English from California in the USA. I graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Spanish as a foreign language. I received my TEFL certificate from the University of San Diego in 2011. I have studied, taught and lived abroad in over 20 countries, including The United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, and Thailand. While in Ecuador, I worked for an English language school where I had several types of live classes with students of all ages and it really allowed me to expand my teaching style and methods. The students that I have taught range in age from three years old to adults. I have taught in group classroom settings, private one-on-one lessons, as well as over the Internet.

Since I have learned a second language, I am able to better teach English because I understand the student’s struggle with the language. My teaching method provides each student with a custom fit combination of grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing. I enjoy using music, games, and other resources to better demonstrate proper American English pronunciation and cadence. I also like to incorporate literature and interesting discussion topics, to expand on comprehensive abilities. I am an enthusiastic and fun teacher, dedicated to getting my students excited about learning English. If you are interested in having a class with me or getting more information, please fill out the form on the right or send me an email at! Take care!

Hello!! I’m Kellie Kisner, a certified teacher of American English and this is a Little bit about me. I’m originally from San Diego, California and I have my bachelors degree in Spanish from San Francisco State University. During my time in university, I studied and lived aborad in Spain. This is where I began teaching English. After my year abroad, I returned to California where I graduated from university and became certified to teach English as a Foreign language.

I then decided to move to Ecuador. It was there that I was given an opportunity to teach English in a school. For nine months, I taught live classes to students ranging in age from three years old to adults.

After this, I began teaching students on skype. This opened my eyes to a new way of teaching. My students were able to learn English in the comfort of there home at a time very convenient to them, while I was able to travel while teaching. I have been teaching English online for over one year now. Students have not only improved, but they have taught me so much about their culture and their lives. If you are interested in taking classes with me, please contact me at Thank you!!